The Beauty of Grace

The Beauty of Grace

I love books that encourage and inspire. Sitting down with The Beauty of Grace, edited by Dawn Camp, is like sitting down with a group of close friends. The women in this book are so open and raw in the way they share their hearts with us readers.

Several entries touched me in a profound way. I identified with the woman scared of losing her child after dealing with infertility. I cried with the woman who didn’t even have $2 to pay for bananas. I felt like I was with these women in the intimate moments discovering God’s work in their lives.

In reading their stories, I was forced to slow down and think about my story. How is God revealing Himself to me right now? Do I see him in the everyday moments while my son plays with his toys or asks me to read him the story of David and Goliath for the seventeenth time today? Do I have heart-to-heart times with my Savior while up to my elbows in soap suds?

This book is an encouragement. It reads like a series of blog posts, which might have been the original format of many of these devotional entries.

My only real criticism of the book is to question the claim on the cover that these are “from today’s most popular writers.” I’d like to know what the measurement of that claim would be. I recognize I don’t know everyone, and don’t read a lot of popular blogs, but most of these women I had never heard of before opening The Beauty of Grace.

The stories in this book resonate with the mother and wife side of my life. It shows how God meets us in the everyday tasks, if we are just looking for Him there.

While I read this book cover to cover, because I was trying to finish it in time for this review, I would strongly suggest you take your time going through the pages. There are so many wonderful stories to ponder and meditate on.

I think the book would make a great gift for any Christian stay-at-home mom.

Back Cover

The Beauty of GraceThis is your invitation . . .
to slow down,
take a deep breath,
and know that you are loved.

In this hectic life, it’s easy to forget that God is always near at hand, even though He sends us frequent reminders. The beauty amid the mess, a well-timed word of encouragement from a friend, the memories that won’t let go of our hearts–they’re all ways God extends an open hand to us. But if we’re not paying attention, we can miss it.

Combining heartfelt stories from some of today’s foremost writers with Dawn’s stunning photography of God’s incredible creation, The Beauty of Grace is your haven of calm contemplation amid the chaos. This inspiring collection includes stories of cultivating friendship, waiting on God, choosing joy, staying connected, learning to trust, and much more.

If you’re in need of a little peace, a little quiet, a little beauty, find comfort in this: you’re invited to experience them all within the pages of this soul-stirring book.

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