Melli’s Melody

Bee and Flower
Flash Fiction By: Christina Banks

Melli rushed from flower to flower. The reds, pinks, purples, blues, and yellows of the garden called to her, giving her a sense of purpose as she did the work that she was created to do. She hummed merrily as she went about her task, a song for the Creator pouring from her heart.

This was her favorite time of year. As spring buds bloomed in brilliant displays. Like the other members of the Apis Colony, Melli flitted from bloom to bloom, tasting each flower’s sweet nectar. Yellow pollen clung to her hairy legs.

A patch of purple Asters swayed in the gentle breeze, the scent floating across the garden. Melli could not resist the lure of the fragrance. She stepped off the yellow petal of the Black-eyed Susan and zoomed across the open space of the garden. In her haste to reach the Asters, she veered into Tella’s flight path.

“Get out of my way, you idiot.” Tella bumped Melli mid-flight.

Melli pulled herself back on course. “I apologize. I’ll try to do better next time.” She began to hum again.

“Just quit humming that infantile tune and watch where you’re going.” Tella yelled as she sped to the Asters. There were enough flowers in the patch for several of the colony to enjoy at the same time, but Melli thought it best to give Tella a wide berth for now. Tella’s words still stung as Melli hummed quietly to the Creator.

Melli zigzagged across the garden toward the stand of pink Lupines near the old wood fence. She rested on the petal just a moment before climbing up and taking a sip of nectar. The sweetness filled her with renewed energy, and her song to the Creator grew.

“You really need to stay away from Tella,” Fera said from the petal above. “You know how aggravated she gets with your constant humming.”

“I can’t help it.” Melli took another sip of nectar. “I have to give praise to the Creator.”

“No, you have to keep doing your job.” Fera shook her head. “No one wants to hear about the Creator all the time.”

As Fera flew away, Melli could hear others gossiping about the whole episode. Before long the whole colony would know of her run in with Tella. Those buzzybodies loved spreading stories.

Downcast, Melli climbed to another petal. Even the pollen on her legs felt heavy. What if Fera was right? What if she should stop being so vocal about her love of the Creator?

As she took a long sip of nectar her heart began to rejoice. How could she stop the song burning within her? How could she ignore the Creator who gave her so much? Without Him there would be no gentle breeze, no nectar to drink, no life to live. Without Him she was nothing.

A song burst forth, loud and clear, refusing to be bottled up inside. Melli didn’t care if she offended Tella, Fera, or the buzzybodies. She must hum her tune to the Creator of it all.

Question for You: What do you do when others try to stifle your joy?

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