Finding Me

A Book Review

Finding Me

Who knew a photo could unravel everything. A single photo, proving the life you’ve always known was nothing but a sham. What would you do?

I honestly don’t know how I would respond.

Kelli (the main character in this story) has just lost her father – who she loved dearly – and her step-mother. But, in the process of cleaning out their house, she discovers that her father had secrets – secrets that destroy everything she thought she knew about her life.

This discovery leads her on a quest for truth. But can she handle how ugly the truth seems to be?

One thing I love about Kathryn Cushman’s novels is how she is able to dig deep into how a character thinks and bring us (as the readers) along for the ride as they sort through it all. I really appreciate the depth that these characters show as the story continues. They are conflicted and unsure.

They are real.

Cushman writes the kind of fiction that I dream of writing one day.

Back Cover

Finding MeWhat would you do if you learned your life was a lie?

All her life, Kelli Huddleston has been told the story of a fire–a fire that killed her mother and two siblings when she was an infant. After her father’s death though, she uncovers evidence of a different story, including clippings about a boat accident that killed a young father and his infant daughter. And Kelli quietly realizes the story of her life has been a fiction.

How far would you go to discover the truth?

Armed with only a few pictures of what she thinks might be her family, Kelli crosses the country to Tennessee, determined to uncover the truth about what happened over twenty years ago in a small southern town. When the trip threatens to open doors to the past better left shut, and her plans for the future are jeopardized, Kelli is faced with an agonizing choice that will change her life forever.

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