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From This Moment

Stella is certain her sister’s death was no accident. She’s willing to give up her place in London’s artistic community to track down the truth. But all doors seemed to be closed to her demands for answers and she’s left pretending to be someone she’s not, just to get close to those who knew her sister best.

But while Stella longs for the anonymity of her new position as a typist, someone is Boston recognizes her for who she is, a talented artist that he’s been badgering for years to work for him. Plus, he has all the political connections Stella needs to complete her investigation.

Can the two find a way to work together for their mutual good, or will their alliance destroy both of them?

While I don’t agree with Stella’s methods throughout the book, I did enjoy getting to know her as see her unravel the mystery she’s presented.

Romulus, the male lead, is a very interesting character. I love the way that he hides his insecurities behind a mask of self-assurance. I also enjoyed the way Stella and he interacted with one another. Their witty exchanges keep the book moving well.

I really enjoy books that have a mystery to solve, and I must admit that this one left me puzzling for quite a while as to who was behind it all.

Back Cover

From This MomentStella West’s artistic talent made her the toast of London, but when her beloved sister dies under mysterious circumstances she abandons everything and heads for Boston. With single-minded determination she fights to pierce the ring of secrecy surrounding her sister’s death. Upon meeting Romulus White, a publisher with connections into every important power circle in the city, she quickly realizes he could be a valuable ally in navigating Boston society.

Romulus has been pursuing Stella for years to create art for his magazine. Her luminous illustrations are the missing piece he needs to propel his magazine to the forefront of the industry, and he will stop at nothing to get her on board.

Sparks fly the instant they join forces, but Romulus is unsettled by the unwelcome attraction he feels toward Stella, fearing she might be the one woman who could disrupt his hard-won independence. He may have finally met his match in Stella, but is helping her solve the mystery of her sister’s death worth the risk to his publishing empire?

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