The Artisan’s Wife

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The Artisan's Wife

Forced to live out her twin sister’s dream on her own, Ainslee McKay decides she will do what she has to do to ensure their families new Tile Works is ready to sell to someone else as soon as possible. What she doesn’t expect is finding someone who captures her mind and heart in the process.

Levi Judson has to start over in a new town when he decides to put his brother’s mental needs ahead of his own comfort. While he hopes to be recognized for his abilities in the town’s Tile Works, he doesn’t expect to fall in love with the owner.

Will life at the Tile Works bring the couple together or tear them apart?

The Artisan’s Wife is the third book in Judith Miller’s Refined by Love series. I didn’t realize this novel was part of a series when I decided to read it and I have still not read the first two books. However, I had no trouble piecing what happened before this book started because of the amount of back story provided to the reader.

Honestly, this is far from the best book I’ve read this year.

While I’m sure that many people love Judith Miller’s writing style, I didn’t enjoy it this time. I like characters with a bit more depth and plots with much more at stake than what I found in The Artisan’s Wife. I did, however, think it was good how she showed the fear regular people had of mental institutions in the late 1800s.

Not everyone will agree with my review, and I know some readers will really enjoy this book, but I won’t be reading it again.

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The Artisan's WifeAs Ainslee McKay reluctantly leaves all she’s known, the beauty of forgiveness and new beginnings comes to light in a West Virginian town with hidden depths.

Ainslee McKay’s world is upended when her twin sister secretly elopes and leaves Ainslee alone to move to Weston, West Virginia, to fulfill their obligation at the McKay family’s new tile works. While her brother, Ewan, agrees to travel with her and help her learn the ropes, she still intends to sell this business she no longer wants if a buyer can be found.

When the talented Levi Judson arrives to show Ainslee his designs for new tiles, she’s impressed at his skill and passion for the business but feels she must keep her true plans for the business a secret from him. And though Levi hopes for a long, successful career at McKay Tile Works, he’s hiding his true reason for coming to Weston. Can the growing feelings between them survive if the truth comes to light–or is a future together as untenable as the future of the tile works itself?

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