Murder at the Courthouse

A Book Review

Murder at the Courthouse sm

Small towns should not have to deal with murder. Especially murders occurring to strangers on the steps of the courthouse. But it’s even worse when someone the town loves and respects is found dead. Is anyone safe?

I love a good mystery. One that keeps me turning the pages because I want to figure out whodunit before the author reveals the answer.

Murder at the Courthouse is just that sort of book.

Why Should I Care About South Korea’s Abandoned Babies?

Baby Feet Wrapped in a Blue Blanket

I believe that all children have value no matter the circumstances of their conception, the challenges of their parentage, or the presence of corruption within their genetic code. Babies are a blessing. They are our hope for the future.

But what kind of future will we have if we keep misusing our children?

It seems everywhere I turn, there are stories of child abuse, neglect, and human trafficking. Prominent on my social media feed has been the story of South Korea’s Pastor Lee and his Drop Box for abandoned babies.

As a woman who has suffered through infertility, few things break my heart faster than the idea of baby abandonment.