At Love’s Bidding

A Book Review

At Loves Bidding sm

What do you do when the Grandfather you love starts to lose his mind? How do you help him keep his dignity while his mental faculties are deteriorating? How do you protect him from himself?

Miranda has to answer all of these questions after her Grandfather accidentally sells another family’s ancestral portrait. Though she feels responsible, she also longs to escape the inevitable marriage to her cousin.

Then her Grandfather gets a crazy idea that takes Miranda clear across the country to take over an auction house in the wilds of Missouri.

Miranda works to find the portrait and loses her heart in the process.

The Painter’s Daughter

A Book Review

The Painters Daughter sm

Stephen was used to cleaning up his brother’s messes, but is he going too far when he offers to¬†marry the woman his brother used and discarded? Can Sophie marry the dark brother of the man she loves just to save herself from scandal?

So many questions circle Sophie’s mind, but there is very little time to make up her mind before Stephen leaves for war again.

Will marrying a man she hardly knows be her salvation, or her doom?