A Tapestry of Secrets

A Book Review


After watching her granddaughter flounder in her personal life, Perla Phillips is finally ready to share the secret she’s carried for 60 years. But after she invites her daughter and granddaughter to visit, her life takes an unexpected and complicated turn.

Has she waited too long to share the truth?

Will she ever be able to say the words her daughter and granddaughter need to hear? Or will she be forced to watch their lives fall apart all because she stayed silent for so long?

The Red Door Inn

A Book Review

The Red Door Inn

Marie was on the run. Hiding from the hurts of the past and the man who only thought more about his business then his own daughter. He could find her at any moment and drag her back against her will. But he had to find her first.

Prince Edward Island, home of the red roads of Avonlea, seems like the perfect place to hide, if she only had the money to get there. What Marie hadn’t counted on is the divine appointment with an old man with no eye for color. Could his need for artistic help be her answer?

Too bad his nephew comes with the bargain. A nephew intent of unraveling the past she’s running from.

Will the island be the place of her dreams or the making of nightmares?

Where She Belongs

A Book Review

Where She Belongs sm

All Shelby wanted was to go back to the place she last felt real love and safety. All she wanted was to reclaim her grandparent’s legacy. All she wanted was to provide a safe place for her children after the death of her husband.

But old wounds are difficult to heal. Old enemies threaten to take everything away from her once more.

How can she learn to forgive those who have hurt her?

How can she move on?

Keeping Christmas

A Book Review

Keeping Christmas sm

Christmas is all about family and making memories. But what happens after the kids are all grown, have moved out of the house, started families and memories of their own several states away? Can Christmas still be Christmas without family gathered around the tree?

Judith Winters is spending her first holiday season as a true empty nester. For the first time in her life, none of her children or grandchildren will be spending Christmas with her.

Why bother putting up a tree at all?

Why take the time to decorate the house if no one will be there to see it?

Judith is wrapped in a holiday depression so dark that it catches the attention of her husband. But every attempt he makes to lift the mood fails. Could those old ugly ornaments in the attic be the key to unlocking Judith’s holiday spirit?

He has to try.

Finding Me

A Book Review

Finding Me

Who knew a photo could unravel everything. A single¬†photo, proving the life you’ve always known was nothing but a sham. What would you do?

I honestly don’t know how I would respond.

Kelli (the main character in this story) has just lost her father – who she loved dearly – and her step-mother. But, in the process of cleaning out their house, she discovers that her father had secrets – secrets that destroy everything she thought she knew about her life.

This discovery leads her on a quest for truth. But can she handle how ugly the truth seems to be?