A Haven on Orchard Lane

A Book Review

A Haven on Orchard Lane

Charlotte had to escape. The marriage was killing her. How had she convinced herself she loved him – that he loved her. She’d been a fool. And now she was under his complete control. She couldn’t even leave the house without his knowledge.

But then the letter came.

It was a chance to get away. A chance to prove that she was more than her husband claimed she was. It was the escape she longed for. Could she be brave enough to take a chance? To start anew? Even if it cost her everything?

Keeping Christmas

A Book Review

Keeping Christmas sm

Christmas is all about family and making memories. But what happens after the kids are all grown, have moved out of the house, started families and memories of their own several states away? Can Christmas still be Christmas without family gathered around the tree?

Judith Winters is spending her first holiday season as a true empty nester. For the first time in her life, none of her children or grandchildren will be spending Christmas with her.

Why bother putting up a tree at all?

Why take the time to decorate the house if no one will be there to see it?

Judith is wrapped in a holiday depression so dark that it catches the attention of her husband. But every attempt he makes to lift the mood fails. Could those old ugly ornaments in the attic be the key to unlocking Judith’s holiday spirit?

He has to try.