A Heart Most Certain

A Book Review

A Heart Most Certain

All Lydia King wanted was to have a secure future. One where she didn’t have to worry about her dying mother or her gambling father. She just wanted to be safe.

But when her intended’s mother gives her a test to prove she’s the correct type of person to be the wife of a future senator, Lydia is determined to succeed. Even though it means getting a donation from the town’s miser, Nicholas Lowe – something no one in the history of the Moral Society has been able to do yet.

But Lydia’s whole world view is tilted on end as Nicholas challenges her faith to its very foundation. Lydia begins to wonder if security is really the longing of her heart. Or if the future senator the correct match. But can she trust her own heart?

From This Moment

A Book Review

From This Moment

Stella is certain her sister’s death was no accident. She’s willing to give up her place in London’s artistic community to track down the truth. But all doors seemed to be closed to her demands for answers and she’s left pretending to be someone she’s not, just to get close to those who knew her sister best.

But while Stella longs for the anonymity of her new position as a typist, someone is Boston recognizes her for who she is, a talented artist that he’s been badgering for years to work for him. Plus, he has all the political connections Stella needs to complete her investigation.

Can the two find a way to work together for their mutual good, or will their alliance destroy both of them?

An Elegant Facade

A Book Review

An Elegant Facade

Lady Georgina Hawthorne has been planning her debut season for years. Her one goal – become the star of the season and marry well. Everything should go perfectly, as long as she can continue to keep her shameful secret.

But hidden things have a way of coming out. How far is Lady Georgina willing to go to keep her’s under wraps? And what will she do when the one man she wants nothing to do with become privy to her secret?

Until the Dawn

A Book Review

Until the Dawn sm

Maybe Sophie shouldn’t have created a weather station on the top of the roof, but it was the perfect spot for it. Besides, how was she to know that the Vandermarks would return after abandoning the estate sixty years before?

She was just trying to do something to help her village.

But the Quinten Vandermark doesn’t want to be the subject of town gossip. He’s here to destroy the house and the terrible memories that have plagued his family for generations. Can the two learn to listen to each other or will everything they both love be destroyed? 

At Love’s Bidding

A Book Review

At Loves Bidding sm

What do you do when the Grandfather you love starts to lose his mind? How do you help him keep his dignity while his mental faculties are deteriorating? How do you protect him from himself?

Miranda has to answer all of these questions after her Grandfather accidentally sells another family’s ancestral portrait. Though she feels responsible, she also longs to escape the inevitable marriage to her cousin.

Then her Grandfather gets a crazy idea that takes Miranda clear across the country to take over an auction house in the wilds of Missouri.

Miranda works to find the portrait and loses her heart in the process.

The Mistress of Tall Acre

A Book Review

The Mistress of Tall Acre sm

The Revolution had changed everything. Despite Sophie’s support of the colonists during the war, she was thought a traitor because of her father’s allegiance to England. Living on the brink of poverty, hated by many in the town, Sophie has very little hope for the future.

Until she meets a sweet pixie of a girl. A girl who desperately needs a mother.

Sophie loses her heart to the dear child and soon finds herself as the mistress of Tall Acre. But the future isn’t always paved as smoothly as we want it to be and Sophie stands to lose everything once more.

The Painter’s Daughter

A Book Review

The Painters Daughter sm

Stephen was used to cleaning up his brother’s messes, but is he going too far when he offers to marry the woman his brother used and discarded? Can Sophie marry the dark brother of the man she loves just to save herself from scandal?

So many questions circle Sophie’s mind, but there is very little time to make up her mind before Stephen leaves for war again.

Will marrying a man she hardly knows be her salvation, or her doom?

A Noble Masquerade

A Book Review

A Noble Masquerade sm

In a time when etiquette ruled, and women didn’t talk to men unless they had been properly introduced, Lady Miranda Hawthorne secretly writes letters to her brother’s best friend. Letters, due to their delicate contents, she never intended for anyone’s eyes but her own.

Then her brother’s new, unconventional, valet does the unthinkable.

He mails one of the letters to the man, a mysterious young duke thought to be the most eligible bachelor of the season. Miranda’s modification knows know bounds when she receives his reply.

The Memory Weaver

A Book Review

The Memory Weaver Sm

How do you overcome traumatic events from childhood? How do you move forward when the past keeps dragging you down dark alleys? How do you move beyond the memories?

Eliza Spalding Warren has to answer all these questions and more. As a pioneer, she faced untold horror when she was taken captive by Indians as a child. Her whole life has been marked by that single event and the trauma it caused. Now, as a married woman, she is unable to move forward until she faces the demons behind her.

The Memory Weaver is based on a true story.

Through Waters Deep

A Book Review

Through Waters Deep sm

Mary didn’t want the spotlight. She didn’t want to be noticed. As an adult, she has found a way to use her anonymity to help solve a series of “accidents” in the navy shipyard where she works.

Then Jim shows up.

She’d loved him since childhood, but he was enamored with her best friend. Now, with the US teetering on the brink of war, Mary and Jim find themselves together again. But can she find out who is trying to sabotage the ship before Jim and his crew sink?