An Elegant Facade

A Book Review

An Elegant Facade

Lady Georgina Hawthorne has been planning her debut season for years. Her one goal – become the star of the season and marry well. Everything should go perfectly, as long as she can continue to keep her shameful secret.

But hidden things have a way of coming out. How far is Lady Georgina willing to go to keep her’s under wraps? And what will she do when the one man she wants nothing to do with become privy to her secret?

The Painter’s Daughter

A Book Review

The Painters Daughter sm

Stephen was used to cleaning up his brother’s messes, but is he going too far when he offers to marry the woman his brother used and discarded? Can Sophie marry the dark brother of the man she loves just to save herself from scandal?

So many questions circle Sophie’s mind, but there is very little time to make up her mind before Stephen leaves for war again.

Will marrying a man she hardly knows be her salvation, or her doom?

A Noble Masquerade

A Book Review

A Noble Masquerade sm

In a time when etiquette ruled, and women didn’t talk to men unless they had been properly introduced, Lady Miranda Hawthorne secretly writes letters to her brother’s best friend. Letters, due to their delicate contents, she never intended for anyone’s eyes but her own.

Then her brother’s new, unconventional, valet does the unthinkable.

He mails one of the letters to the man, a mysterious young duke thought to be the most eligible bachelor of the season. Miranda’s modification knows know bounds when she receives his reply.