The Red Door Inn

A Book Review

The Red Door Inn

Marie was on the run. Hiding from the hurts of the past and the man who only thought more about his business then his own daughter. He could find her at any moment and drag her back against her will. But he had to find her first.

Prince Edward Island, home of the red roads of Avonlea, seems like the perfect place to hide, if she only had the money to get there. What Marie hadn’t counted on is the divine appointment with an old man with no eye for color. Could his need for artistic help be her answer?

Too bad his nephew comes with the bargain. A nephew intent of unraveling the past she’s running from.

Will the island be the place of her dreams or the making of nightmares?

Annabel Lee

A Book Review

Annabel Lee

Mystery. Intrigue. Death.

Annabel Lee plops you right down in the middle of the action, leaving you to unravel the clues of who, what, when, where, why, and how. The answers may not be what you are expecting.

The certainly aren’t what private investigator Trudi Coffey is expecting. Not even her ex-partner, who knew the man who started the whole ordeal, was anticipating. The question remains, can they follow the trail of clues, lead by a man who can’t speak, in order for find the secret before it’s too late?

Always Watching

A Book Review

Always Watching

Wade was handsome, popular, and in a lot more trouble than he realized. The stalker’s threats seem more ominous when Wade’s bodyguard is almost killed trying to protect him.

How do you protect those closest to you when you don’t know where the danger is coming from? How do you confront an unstable stalker without getting people killed? Can Wade’s bodyguard, Olivia, figure out the answers to these questions before they all die?

Where She Belongs

A Book Review

Where She Belongs sm

All Shelby wanted was to go back to the place she last felt real love and safety. All she wanted was to reclaim her grandparent’s legacy. All she wanted was to provide a safe place for her children after the death of her husband.

But old wounds are difficult to heal. Old enemies threaten to take everything away from her once more.

How can she learn to forgive those who have hurt her?

How can she move on?

The Mistress of Tall Acre

A Book Review

The Mistress of Tall Acre sm

The Revolution had changed everything. Despite Sophie’s support of the colonists during the war, she was thought a traitor because of her father’s allegiance to England. Living on the brink of poverty, hated by many in the town, Sophie has very little hope for the future.

Until she meets a sweet pixie of a girl. A girl who desperately needs a mother.

Sophie loses her heart to the dear child and soon finds herself as the mistress of Tall Acre. But the future isn’t always paved as smoothly as we want it to be and Sophie stands to lose everything once more.

Keeping Christmas

A Book Review

Keeping Christmas sm

Christmas is all about family and making memories. But what happens after the kids are all grown, have moved out of the house, started families and memories of their own several states away? Can Christmas still be Christmas without family gathered around the tree?

Judith Winters is spending her first holiday season as a true empty nester. For the first time in her life, none of her children or grandchildren will be spending Christmas with her.

Why bother putting up a tree at all?

Why take the time to decorate the house if no one will be there to see it?

Judith is wrapped in a holiday depression so dark that it catches the attention of her husband. But every attempt he makes to lift the mood fails. Could those old ugly ornaments in the attic be the key to unlocking Judith’s holiday spirit?

He has to try.


A Book Review

Vendetta sm

She wasn’t supposed to be working that day. Instead, Nikki Boyd was remembering her deceased best friend on the anniversary of her death. But once she discovers a girl is missing, everything else stops – except the memories.

Then she finds the picture.

After all these years, could her sister’s abductor be at work once more?

Murder at the Courthouse

A Book Review

Murder at the Courthouse sm

Small towns should not have to deal with murder. Especially murders occurring to strangers on the steps of the courthouse. But it’s even worse when someone the town loves and respects is found dead. Is anyone safe?

I love a good mystery. One that keeps me turning the pages because I want to figure out whodunit before the author reveals the answer.

Murder at the Courthouse is just that sort of book.

The Memory Weaver

A Book Review

The Memory Weaver Sm

How do you overcome traumatic events from childhood? How do you move forward when the past keeps dragging you down dark alleys? How do you move beyond the memories?

Eliza Spalding Warren has to answer all these questions and more. As a pioneer, she faced untold horror when she was taken captive by Indians as a child. Her whole life has been marked by that single event and the trauma it caused. Now, as a married woman, she is unable to move forward until she faces the demons behind her.

The Memory Weaver is based on a true story.

Through Waters Deep

A Book Review

Through Waters Deep sm

Mary didn’t want the spotlight. She didn’t want to be noticed. As an adult, she has found a way to use her anonymity to help solve a series of “accidents” in the navy shipyard where she works.

Then Jim shows up.

She’d loved him since childhood, but he was enamored with her best friend. Now, with the US teetering on the brink of war, Mary and Jim find themselves together again. But can she find out who is trying to sabotage the ship before Jim and his crew sink?