Flirtation Walk

A Book Review

Flirtation Walk

Lucinda Pennyworth’s con man father is dead. She has no money. No way of paying her debt to the finishing school she was attending – not that she had any intention of paying to begin with. Her only hope for the future lies in reinserting herself into her deceased mother’s family. A family who had shunned her an her father. But to secure her future, she had to become respectable.

But once at her Aunt’s home, Lucinda begins to realize that her father’s greatest con was the way he had raised his only child. She sees, first hand, the havoc her father’s schemes play out in the life of good, innocent people.

Can she own up to past? Or will being respectable be her greatest act yet?

Do You Know Who You Are?

Reflect on Important Things

My husband is not a man of great stature. He does not posses a weightlifter’s physique. He is quiet, studious, and perhaps a little odd. Honestly, my husband looks like a fourteen year old with thinning hair.

Though he is small physically, he is the biggest man I know. His character outshines his lack of height. His compassion eclipses any flaws in appearance.

My husband is my hero.

Do you know why?