Where She Belongs

A Book Review

Where She Belongs sm

All Shelby wanted was to go back to the place she last felt real love and safety. All she wanted was to reclaim her grandparent’s legacy. All she wanted was to provide a safe place for her children after the death of her husband.

But old wounds are difficult to heal. Old enemies threaten to take everything away from her once more.

How can she learn to forgive those who have hurt her?

How can she move on?

Until the Dawn

A Book Review

Until the Dawn sm

Maybe Sophie shouldn’t have created a weather station on the top of the roof, but it was the perfect spot for it. Besides, how was she to know that the Vandermarks would return after abandoning the estate sixty years before?

She was just trying to do something to help her village.

But the Quinten Vandermark doesn’t want to be the subject of town gossip. He’s here to destroy the house and the terrible memories that have plagued his family for generations. Can the two learn to listen to each other or will everything they both love be destroyed? 

At Love’s Bidding

A Book Review

At Loves Bidding sm

What do you do when the Grandfather you love starts to lose his mind? How do you help him keep his dignity while his mental faculties are deteriorating? How do you protect him from himself?

Miranda has to answer all of these questions after her Grandfather accidentally sells another family’s ancestral portrait. Though she feels responsible, she also longs to escape the inevitable marriage to her cousin.

Then her Grandfather gets a crazy idea that takes Miranda clear across the country to take over an auction house in the wilds of Missouri.

Miranda works to find the portrait and loses her heart in the process.

The Mistress of Tall Acre

A Book Review

The Mistress of Tall Acre sm

The Revolution had changed everything. Despite Sophie’s support of the colonists during the war, she was thought a traitor because of her father’s allegiance to England. Living on the brink of poverty, hated by many in the town, Sophie has very little hope for the future.

Until she meets a sweet pixie of a girl. A girl who desperately needs a mother.

Sophie loses her heart to the dear child and soon finds herself as the mistress of Tall Acre. But the future isn’t always paved as smoothly as we want it to be and Sophie stands to lose everything once more.

The Painter’s Daughter

A Book Review

The Painters Daughter sm

Stephen was used to cleaning up his brother’s messes, but is he going too far when he offers to marry the woman his brother used and discarded? Can Sophie marry the dark brother of the man she loves just to save herself from scandal?

So many questions circle Sophie’s mind, but there is very little time to make up her mind before Stephen leaves for war again.

Will marrying a man she hardly knows be her salvation, or her doom?

Making it Home

A Book Review

Making it Home sm

I used to believe that I was the only woman who struggled with my identity as a wife and mother. Since my marriage, I’ve wanted to embrace the new role I’d been given – homemaker. But part of me has always wanted more.

When I read the description of this book, I knew I had to read and review it.

Emily was telling my story.

The Shock of Night

A Book Review

The Shock of Night sm

Welcome to a world a bit different than our own, where certain people have been given amazing gifts. These gifts, coupled with their unique talents and personalities allow them to help the world around them.

But what happens when an ungifted man receives a gift that was never suppose to exist?

He has to fight for his life.

And what a fight it becomes.

Keeping Christmas

A Book Review

Keeping Christmas sm

Christmas is all about family and making memories. But what happens after the kids are all grown, have moved out of the house, started families and memories of their own several states away? Can Christmas still be Christmas without family gathered around the tree?

Judith Winters is spending her first holiday season as a true empty nester. For the first time in her life, none of her children or grandchildren will be spending Christmas with her.

Why bother putting up a tree at all?

Why take the time to decorate the house if no one will be there to see it?

Judith is wrapped in a holiday depression so dark that it catches the attention of her husband. But every attempt he makes to lift the mood fails. Could those old ugly ornaments in the attic be the key to unlocking Judith’s holiday spirit?

He has to try.


A Book Review

Vendetta sm

She wasn’t supposed to be working that day. Instead, Nikki Boyd was remembering her deceased best friend on the anniversary of her death. But once she discovers a girl is missing, everything else stops – except the memories.

Then she finds the picture.

After all these years, could her sister’s abductor be at work once more?